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Twisting Spirits Craft Gins

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We are Twisting Spirits, a new Micro Distillery based in South Stoke, Oxfordshire in the heart of the beautiful Chilterns.


Creating distinctive and unusual Craft Gins, we distil, fill and label each and every bottle by hand, passionately produced using hot and cold distillation techniques.


Using a unique dual distillation process the Gins we produce are quite different and distinctive.  First, we produce a fine Gin using a traditional copper still with each distillation run being tiny.


Meanwhile, the lighter specialty botanicals are cold distilled under vacuum using a rotary evaporator.  Why the cold distillation?  Well, the main reason is to preserve the delicate tastes and aromas that would otherwise be transformed, cooked, muted or even lost altogether in the high temperatures inherent to the copper still process.


Finally, the two distillations are twisted together to produce the finished Gin – perfectly balanced and bursting with fresh aromas and taste.

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